What is Fan Connexion

It’s often quite difficult to see through the stained glass window that can sometimes separate everyday people from often glamorized celebrities and those who live within the blinding ray of the lime light. Fan Connexion, an innovative idea that helps dissolve the line between the mystical illusion and reality in order to help celebrities – movie, television, and sports figures – connect with their fan base on a personal level. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for celebrities, in both their working hours AND off hours, to attempt to connect with fans in an exclusive manner. With Fan Connexion, stars like Michael Wacha, LaMichael James, and Brighton Sharbino are able to communicate with their fans in an obsequious manner and feel a connection that most celebrities don’t experience whenever random fans ask them for an impersonal autograph on the street.

Proceeds often go to the celebrities’ charity of choice, their aim looking to benefit the bigger picture by helping those in need as well as captivating the heart of an adoring fan while looking to escape the paragon life and for one moment, shattering that stained glass.

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What Fan Connexion does for Fans

Celebrities have achieved high status and are a big part of our society today. A status where we as fans want to be as close as we can to our favorite people. Whether it’s an actress you have a crush on, an athlete you are trying to be like, or just someone you admire, Fan Connexion finally allows you to have a personal interaction with the celebrity, not simply an assistant responding to fan mail, guaranteed.

With Fan Connexion, you simply choose which celebrity you want to connect with, submit which type of interaction you want, and the celebrity will respond! Fan Connexion makes it so simple to interact with all your favorite celebs that you will not want to stop!

The problem is, celebrities are extremely busy and don’t always have the time to respond to every fan. Have you ever tried to tweet at someone famous and been disappointed that you never got a response? Ever had a question you were dying to know the answer to? Ever posted on a celebrity Facebook page and gotten some automated response? Now you can get a personalized response from the celebrity themselves and finally get those answers–guaranteed!

Maybe you are asking yourself: “Why should I give celebrities more money? They don’t need it?” Well each celebrity has chosen a charity that they wish to support so your money is going to a good cause!

Not only can you get your own questions answered, but you can send requests for family and friends too! For any occasion you can get your friend, brother, sister, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend a personalized message wishing them a happy birthday or congratulating them! It’s the perfect gift and the video messages can be saved to view anytime. Fan Connexion represents the first true interaction between fans and celebrities

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Contribution to Charity

We know that the idea behind Fan Connexion is a great concept, but our support of charity is one important aspect we do not want to go unnoticed. We believe that Fan Connexion will play a very impactful roll in society by donating part of the proceeds to those in need. Our celebrities each have the opportunity to choose a cause to support and Fan Connexion donates to the specific charity or foundation on behalf of the celebrity that selects it. Charities are encouraged to contact our support team so that their organization may be listed as an option for celebrities to choose to support. How awesome would that be? A celebrity standing by your organization and donating to support your cause! Charities on Fan Connexion could receive the support of hundreds of celebrities, gaining a tremendous amount of donations and attention from the public eye.

Fan Connexion strives to make the experience a win for everyone involved. The fans not only get to interact with their favorite celebrity, but they will also know that part of their proceeds will go to the charity their favorite celebrity supports! On the other hand, celebrities now have the opportunity to show their fans appreciation by interacting with them, and get to support a good cause at the same time. The fans, celebs, and charities all win with the purchasing of a Fan Connexion interactions.

Charity will continue to grow throughout Fan Connexion’s business model and we know that the fans and celebrities are supportive of this. The idea of having charity involved with Fan Connexion has everything to do with shedding a positive light on our celebrities choice to support a good cause and serving others. We care about helping those in need and hopefully the fans who come to Fan Connexion share a common vision with us!

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