Celebrity Q & A

Q: How do I join Fan Connexion?

A: You are just one click away:

Q: Will joining Fan Connexion take up a lot of my time?

A: No. You can choose to make money 10 seconds at a time.

Q: How do you calculate pricing?

A: We don't! You set your own rates, have the ability to change them or add more options to offer as you see fit.

Q: What types of celebrities can ask to join?

A: Fan Connexion knows that celebrities come from many different platforms. Whether you are an Entertainer, Reality TV Star, Television star, Influencer, Athlete, Fitness Guru, DJ, Motivational Speaker, You Tuber or Recording Artist we want you.

Q: Do you promote for me?

A: Yes absolutely we will market you. Fan Connexion has access to hundreds of thousands of active fans. Although we will promote you via our social media and all our platforms, we strongly encourage and require that the celebrity utilize their social media platforms, blogs or any other means with a fan base. We noticed that when the celebrity markets themselves directly via Instagram stories,

Instagram links.Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat their revenue goes up 800% You have access to your fanbase directly so why not use it to let them know you are on Fan Connexion. The majority of Fan Connexions are purchased as gifts for your biggest fans.

Q: Do you have to accept every request?

A: No. The celebrity has all the power to accept or decline any request. We want you comfortable and will red flag all inappropriate requests.

Q. I feel bad about charging my fans

A. There is nothing to feel bad about. We know the fans love to receive all videos and content from the celebrity. Most of the Fan Connexions are presents given to someone who is super excited.

Q: What makes Fan Connexion different?

A- We give back! A portion of every transaction goes to the charity of your choice.