Cancellation Policy

After 7 days, a fan can "nudge" the celebrity to alert them to respond if they have not by then. At 10 days, they can cancel for a full refund.

Except in emergency situations (related to the inappropriate use of the website or any violation of the Basic Terms of Fan Connexion), either an account holder or Fan Connexion, LLC may cancel an account at any time with 10 days' prior notice. All accounts will be settled within thirty (30) days of cancellation.

If for any reason an account holder is not otherwise completely satisfied with the response (or the lack of response) from a Fan Connexion Celebrity, an account holder may "nudge" the celebrity to alert them to respond (or more fully respond). If the Celebrity has not responded (or fully responded) within ten (10) days of the "nudge" an account holder may seek a full refund of any monies paid in connection with such request, or cancel the account in accordance with standard cancellation policies herein.