About Us

Corey Brooks was visiting one of his best friends-Michael Wacha in St. Louis, MO in his rookie year (2012). While in Wacha’s apartment, Corey saw boxes of fan mail stacked to Wachas’ ceiling. Corey asked if he responded and wrote back to all those that sent in letters full of questions to his P.O. Box. Wacha responded, “it’s really tough to pick and choose which ones to write back and is a long process of opening, reading, writing back, stuffing, and sending a response back. A lightbulb went off in Corey’s head and said, “that would be cool if there was an app that digitalized your fan mail. That way it’s quick and easy to do anytime, anywhere.”

A year later, Corey launched Fan Connexion. Mainly the FC Board consisted of pro athletes. Shortly after coming off Big Brother, Corey realized that there is a high demand for reality tv personalities to interact with their superfans on this app and it would be much more engaging for people in that world.

Recently, Fan Connexion team’d up with iClick Media to take on the reality tv world by storm to combine networks, and feed off each others resources like podcasts, articles, and sometimes—tea ☕ 🙂

We’ve recently added in the ability for influencers to provide live video chat, texting and subscription services right from app! Then we have our new direction with brands and influencer storefronts. Celebs will be able to collaborate with a number of brands we work with on marketing, advertising, content, and events. Fans will be able to see their favorite products and personalized content services and videos from their favorite personalities. From workout regimens, to customized pillows, to exclusive content.

Fan Connexion is a celeb and fans best friend, one stop shop for anything you want to experience with the people you would have never imagined connecting with!